Seyeks Trade

Seyeks Trade is the EMC (Export Management Company) of KAPP Group in Turkey. Located in Istanbul, Seyeks Trade operates as the exports sales of the Group.

Seyeks Trade has been successfully exporting professional kitchen equipment to European, Middle Eastern, American and African countries to satisfy the widely varying demands of the modern restaurant bussiness.

Customer satisfaction has been the main motivation for Seyeks Trade.
KAPP is specialized in professionals’ needs. With its accumulated experience combined with advanced technology, production capacity and wide range of products KAPP provides the needs of the world market.

All sizes up to 60 cm.dia. produced by “impact” method makes KAPP distinctive in this field. The main units for production are preparation, cooking, frying and storage units . The new and modern investments cover an area of 25.000

Seyeks/Kapp is participating in international shows worldwide and proudly exports the brand KAPP